Reading and Writing, the Icelandic Way

Iceland is one of the most literate and bookish nations on earth, with a thriving publishing industry. Here is one way in which Icelanders read books …

top… and here is another …

stuffBecause all readers are individual, and publishers increasingly support profitable uniformity …

sheepatlunchIcelanders Faced with a Mountain of Books from the South

(Yes, that’s hay.)

… it’s important to leave the publisher’s, um, stable (hey, they use the word) and strike out for the world…

pairSo has it always been. You might even find a trusted companion. You might even have a view, as the readers above do…


The Old Trail to the Interior, and the South (to the left).

Fljótsdalur, Iceland

One thing is sure, if life in the stable is your choice, you might find the publisher’s publicity department making you over …

P1400062Icelandic Reader Coifed and Colour Coordinated by the Stable Health and Design Department

How you escape the farmer’s control, or if you even want to, that’s for you to determine. It might mean learning a different language. It might mean that you are happy right there …

manyHappy Icelandic Readers

(If you’re the one lying down, I suggest you look up, or in the case of this blog, down …)


A Special Friend for You?

In a thriving reading culture, there is a book for everyone and a reader for every book. Ah, the Internet? A solution? Sure, but don’t forget that it is sometimes packaged, too …


Icelandic Internet Lamb Shopping

Writing helps.

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