Fantasy Writers and Political Awareness

A Russian mystic who survived the revolution and turned down the job of cultural czar for the Bolsheviks and went off to the Himalayas for a decade, painted the following painting of the loss of his beloved Atlantis as a spiritual prediction of coming war. He went on to craft the international agreement that saw, eventually, the cities of Rome and Paris being saved instead of bombed to rubble.


The Destruction of Atlantis.

Nicolas Roerich, 1928

That year, the Germans sent an expedition to the remnants of Roerich’s Atlantis (Ireland, The Canary Islands, Lisbon, Morocco, Mallorca) to help them prepare for the war they desired. So, the question I ask you: which is your path as a writer, especially a fantasy writer or a writer of alternate realities — to agitate against violence, or to agitate for saving what you love most from the cataclysm? Is it better to talk about political terrors in their terms, or in your own? Are there answers? Likely not. Still, history may likely chose for you if you do not choose for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Writers and Political Awareness

    • I’d say he did a lot! I agree with your comment … which way one goes, though, that is a good one for each of us to reflect upon and be animated by, I think.

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