The Dream Becomes a Vision

Last night, I left a book on your bedside table, with the wish that if it were written with people who read in bed in mind, it might enter their dreams. Here’s that post: click. Well, it all came about because there was a waterfall halfway to the glacier that I didn’t get to because it was late, the weather was iffy, and I was tired. Today, I went back, and what did I discover there, deep in that dream, as I put it? Something that I thought I had seen before but hadn’t: blue.

blue4Strútsfoss, Iceland

My poor little camera couldn’t cope! The sky is white, the snow is white, they both have a bit more light than this, and the falls were glowing with blue. Not bad for 55 minutes into a narrow raven valley, through multiple 5 foot deep snow drifts, over rocks, past abandoned turf houses, through mud and meadows of heavily eroded heather and moss, to a vision. Goethe was right when he said the colour blue was the basic expression of human spirit. This is a blog about writing, but, sheesh, look at that blue! Words have left me.


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