One thought on “Writer’s Block? Stuck for Ideas?

  1. interesting post. the following is what came to me when i past by a vintage clothing store one afternoon.

    Rebecca’s Dream

    (a vintage clothing store
    on Fair Oaks at Colorado
    in Pasadena)

    I walked into the space
    Vintage clothes all over the place
    Neatly displayed

    And hats
    Hats everywhere
    Fancy women’s hats
    In all shapes, sizes and eras
    Mostly black, a few not

    The store is crowded
    With the souls
    Of the previous inhabitants
    Of the clothes

    And their histories

    The new dress for that
    First date

    The long black glove
    New Year’s Eve

    Anticipations, expectations
    Hopes and dreams
    Longings and seductions

    Expressed in
    Tailored fabric
    And colored dye

    An indelible record of past styles, fashions
    Morays and trends

    Just waiting
    To be taken out again
    And new histories made

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