Why Research is Important: Part Two

Writers, don’t put yourself out of a job. Here is an urban Green Party office, where nature is about disposing of garbage.



Green Party Office, Reykjavik

On the earth, the green movement can mean something else. Forget that green plastic window grass. A year after the big fire on the hill above my house,  for example, everything is green. It is not, however, a story of renewal. Because of high-temperature fires in invasive grasses, it is a story of replacement. Look:

nowildTwo Native Plants, and 1,000 Invaders Have Reclaimed this small piece of burn.

Green can be a Bad Thing. These hills should be brown.

If you’re going to report on Green politics, remember: sometimes green is the wrong colour. Or, are you in the business of transferring slogans? A smart phone could do that.


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