Literature as a Business: The Price

Here is the earth. Bunchgrass, big sage, balsam root, and hundreds of other species, including most of the vascular plants of the Pacific Northwest, and nearly all the butterflies. Places with this complexity are the context for your writing. They are alive. OK, over to you.


Here’s a closer look at what writing looks like if you sell out.


“Sagecroft at the Rise” For Sale.

Point 1: If sold, there will be no sage. Only gravel, turf, a few imported specimen landscape plants, and a large house.

Point 2: A croft is an impoverished peasant house. Anyone who had one has left it, for reasons of health. This, however, is a very expensive subdivision. Lots go for more than houses are worth.

Point 3: You cannot sell the earth.

Point 4: The subdivision above is currently bankrupt.

If your writing school is asking you to lie, ask it why. If you think that sounds good, ask yourself why. After that, it’s up to you.


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