New Publication Media for Writing

As you read this, please don’t think I’m kidding. In this city (Vernon, British Columbia, a Province of Global, Inc.) where the police come down very hard on graffiti artists, these signers of the public visual space of private space have come up with a new trick. Time once again to pay attention, as usually is the case with the innovations of the young (and restless).



Now it’s the owner’s writing that looks like the desecration. “No Parking.” Kind of looks 16th century at this point.

Imagine writing your novel down the sidewalk for twenty miles through the heart of Toronto, say. Think of the contact you’d have with your audience and your critics. Compare that to book sales of 500, after 4 years of writing and 2 years waiting for the thing to come out and the total abysmal lack of reviews and the royalties of Ka-Zip because pays exactly that (really…research that), and, yeah, sorry mate, that $20,000 or $40,000 Creative Writing degree looking like a piece of wilted lettuce. Oh, and don’t forget. I’m not kidding. Chalk. How simple. One doesn’t need eternal prose. One just needs to be here now. Cool. 

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