The Role of Beauty in Nonfiction and Poetry

Some things aren’t exactly in order. The image below, for instance, is of a proud fountain from the 1960s, that is now full of stagnant water, surrounded by unweeded beds once colourful with flowers. That’s where writing can be counterintuitive. Take a look …

fountainoflifeBeautiful, isn’t it! The counterintuitive part is that “beauty” is about order and balance. Certainly, something here is out of order: an invasive tree seed (Chinese elm), a dead mosquito, and lots of eeyew, yet the beauty, or, let’s say, the order, is still present. It’s just a different order. It has no name. No one has written about it yet. Like all forms of the future, it is present in the present … only unrecognized. Well, you are the one with the words, and you are the witness. It’s your task as a writer to communicate this beauty. In this way, the developing future is guided into human consciousness, while human consciousness is kept in balance with the world.

p.s. The shadows help.


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