14 thoughts on “Why SF is Not Speculative

    • A good thing. I’m trying to suggest, again, that speculative writing move out of fiction into nonfiction, because the world sure looks like a SF set to me. Besides, I’m trying to see how words and images can be used in reversed roles: the image as the information; the words as the illustration. That, too, I think, is the world that lies before us. By the way, I think Wikipedia is a great thing and we are for richer for having it, but it sure has provided great food for internet bots. They nibble at it and then recreate it in 10,000 (?) mirror sites. When I was in Iceland I spent many hours wading through halls of mirrors created by repeated information, and largely misinformation; the effort by humans is to create databases, robotically filled, which are then marketed; the effort does not go as much into creating new information, or connecting the dots. Very SF. Very fascinating. But a little freaky when one has to be Tiresias in there and can hear the Minotaur snorting. But maybe I’ve just read too much Dürrenmatt. No, not possible! Never too much!

      • Well, a Wikipedia user usually gets along and does not poke his/her/its nose into mirrors. We wear special insectoid glasses that allow us to see more than just darkness and light. We see the vibrating colour viennoise. We can read the viennoise signs and can guide the citizens of other fairs. I carry a little pot with viennoise paint and leave marks on the walls. There are dragons somewhere. So I heard.

        Minotaurs are dressed in golden fleece sweaters.

        (Sorry, had to bring viennoiserie (viennaishness) in, it’s how the French call puff pastry and I remembered that aspect too late. We had already stopped the review of Gunnar’s Vienna vacation.)

        Yes, maybe you had too much Dürrenmatt last night. Should drink a bit of cyberpunk only for medicinal purposes.

        I went to fictiontown when I was a child. But they have a high unemployment rate there.

        Wouldn’t fictitious non-fiction be philosophy?

        No, not SF. I know men always want starships. Post 80s at least. (Ah, the cold war, those were the end times.) Phantasy, time travel, all fine with me. No star ships please. Too much technology. Note to self: should become a car mechanic in next life.

      • Aha! It was nonfictional drama that was philosophy. See Plato.

        I mean straight and true non-fiction, but accepting weirdness into the straight narrative, based on the psychic insights coded into fiction due to birth pangs.

        Minotaurs are, I think, dressed in Dürrenmatt.

        The angst of the Swiss: everybody else got to move around over the last 30,000 years. Not the Swiss.

        It makes one start a bank.

    • I dunno. The banks are by the HBF in Zürich, with quick connections to all of Europe for a clean getaway.

      • Yes, it was a grand one!

        I think the banks are down there so that one could sneak in over the border, deposit one’s loot and get out of town without getting ensnared in a web of spies and pastors. Hence the churches are a bit further away, by the river. Verrrrry clever.

        I love Zürich. But it could just be family. Na, can’t be. I went to Davos with my cousin, and although we had a great time, Mann’s Waldhotel was closed and Davos was weird. No wonder the world is in an economic mess. They keep on having conferences there!

  1. Comment lost somehow (grmbl).

    I only saw the Swiss border when I was in Konstanz. Konstanz was strange enough. I always thought they say something to me. Obvious reasons. But really good chocolate.

    “Nicht nach Zürich” is kind of a “famous” quote of the German dubbed version of Kentucky Fried movie (original is “not to Detroit). Not very classical. Why would Detroit be funny? Zürich is funny, if pronounced with Swiss accent. I bet it’s a very nice city. Photogenic, but I have very romantic ideas of mountains. I bet I read Johanna Spyri as a child. If so, it only left a subliminal love for goats and mountains.

    Economics and me is just as bad as star ships and me. Note to self: in two lives from now on become banker.

    • Well, Konstanz! I hope you went by Zepellin.

      I went by car 4 times and train once. It was 40 degrees and the border back to Switzerland had a little signboard in the middle of the abandoned train station: self service customs today.

      That appeared to mean: forget about; go home; get on the train; keep the window open; sweat.

      So I did.

      • By car with a man. I remember we’ve been staying with two lesbians. Very nice women, poets with lots of tools.They had hammers, screwdrivers (like everybody has) but they were proud of it. I like tools. Hardware stores are wonderful places. There was some kind of problem though. Classical guitar player woman. We went to the lake with her. FKK. She was wearing some kind of mesh top on the way there. Must have been in the 80s. Nothing else and her big boobs swinging freely. I went ballistic and jealous. I got lots of temper. Weather was hot. Lake not very clear. I was white like chalk (as usually) and the FKK place was full of old nearly black (caucasian) roasted men. They’ve been laughing about my chalkiness the whole time. As if skin cancer was so great. A forest near the lake was inhabited by giant mosquitoes. Could have been a dream. Also a way to have a lot of lifes. Dreaming some. But no, I was really in Konstanz.

      • I shall now dream of lesbian poets plucking guitars with hammers and screwdrivers while dark black men sing in chorus and a very white cherub from Birnau starts dipping into the honey. The lake not clear? Yeah, that’s why the Stuttgarters pump out of the depths of the north end only. Gosh, I hope you went to Birnau.

      • Yes, I think I did. I was at a church and just checked the photos. Looks like it. I wasn’t small and fat though. Definitely not a cherub.

        The Elbe in the 70s was worse than the Bodensee in the 80s. Opening the eyes while diving revealed a coal universe with all kind of darkness colours.

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