Facebook Might Not Be Your Friend

Beware the pretty flowers! See the face on the abdomen of this crab spider at lunch? She lives there.

preyThere’s no way you’re going to be the spider. Just don’t be the wasp. Self-styled social media experts are recommending 30% of your writing time be spent promoting your writing on social media. If the audience needs to be manipulated like this, might it not be better to take that time writing different books? It would be wise to have at least an answer to this question before you start to think that writing sucks.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Might Not Be Your Friend

    • Lucky you!

      In Canada, a hyper-reality claiming jurisdiction over the lands and people of the now defunct nation of Canada, Facebook and Writing are tightly linked and writers spend a huge slug of their time, or are encouraged to, advertising their selves and their writing on FB, rather than innovating or even just writing.

      Schrecklich aber wahr.

      You don’t live in this spatial and temporal identity vice. Lucky you!

      • No, and I’m not a Wikipedia admin either, which might be similar in terms of discussing instead of writing. I saw you are in loads of writers groups and thought you guys would give each others tips and inspiration. Was even a bit jealous, to know no groups and get no tips or inspiration. But then a “tips for writing”-blog followed mine and I thought, why the heck would anybody read metadrama, it’s boring like hell. If the author was so successfull, wouldn’t he be busy writing books. And no, I don’t mean yours, your articles about writing are rather short and not boring. 🙂

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