The One Question Every Writer Should Ask

Which Kind of Writer are You? The Brooder?

P1120570Novelist After 10 Days on the Nest

Note the apricot leaves and the hatchlings designed to come of age just when the fruit is going to be soft and sweet. Planned parenthood, eh!

Or the bohemian first thoughts best thoughts type?

P1120554Beat Poet at the University

Note the protective screen of critical theory over the populist rhetoric.

Or maybe the creative journalist?

P1110857Journalist Embedded in Afghanistan

Can you tell the difference between the journalist and the combatant? Not me.

Or the post-avante* poet, maybe?


Stir it All Together, e basta!

* I don’t know what it means either. I think it means post-avante-garde, ie the regular line troops who come in after the avante garde have been taken down by the German machine guns, the front line troops are downed with gas, and it’s up to you and the cooks and telegraphists to hold the line with whatever you can throw at it.

And they’re all taught in the same discipline: creative writing?


Young Creative Writing MFA Students Hiking into the Wilderness*

Who is Driving?

* Watch out for bears.

One thought on “The One Question Every Writer Should Ask

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