7 thoughts on “The Writer, the Writer’s Ego & the Character

  1. This ego thing was one of the reasons why I stopped writing. I used to churn people into short prose and poems. The way how I was seeing them. Most didn’t notice, some felt flattered, but one complained. Very unfortunate, because I was terribly in love with that guy. He said he hates how I describe him. I was never giving the characters their real names and the way I was seeing things was kind of surrealistic. I am sure nobody would have noticed who was the model for the character. But I told him and so he knew. He was furious. I never thought he would react like that. “Shall I compare you to a summer’s day?” –“Fuck you, I hate summer.”
    So I changed my whole life and made a job training as nurse and lived henceforth an idiotic but respectable life of renunciation. (I’m exaggerating a bit.)

  2. Ah, indeed. I’m with you on this. Some people can be so defensive about identity. It baffles me. Take on a dozen voices, I say. Have some fun. But in Germany that’s hard, it appears. Some people even custom make government-issue-looking No Parking signs and post them all around their garages AND on the other side of the street, or stop you in your car and insult you if you go the wrong way in Bautzen, although Bautzen should not be a place for cars. They find me a puzzle, too. It helps to go Nrgghhh! a bit and to laugh a bit and then to write a book that places them somewhere in Dante.

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