Poetry is Not Tennis

Robert Frost said that Free Verse was like playing tennis without a net.

P1120230Field Bindweed Making a  Free Verse Poem out of a Fence

Frost also said that there was something that doesn’t love a wall. Farmer that he was, I bet he pulled out his share of field bindweed.


One thought on “Poetry is Not Tennis

  1. I do not only prefer free verses because I’m too stupid to make metrical verses. I just don’t love a wall and never liked tennis much. Or maybe I was tortured too much with the inevitable birthday verses people used to post in newspapers for birthdays, marriages and the like. Though that was mainly a rhyme torture. “Now you’re 18 years old, so I was told, I make a bad poem for you, you can put it in your shoe.” Honestly that’s much too good compared to those I saw in those times. ^^

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