Telling Your Country’s Story

If you are the poster child for a throwaway culture…


Risk of Blindness on the Rocks

… expect to be thrown away.

P1140131Throw Away Nationalism in the Chicory

In a true nationalist state, this would be a punishable offence. What it is in a different kind of nationalist state is undefined.

That’s where you begin. Here …


Home of a Canadian Nationalist with a Flag in the Chicory

Beautiful, isn’t it. Highlights include a dead pickup (2 years dead) in the carport, with flat tires, and a load of raw logs in the front yard, to be cut and split into firewood. Note as well that it appears he has sold the cut wood to the neighbour on the right.

And here …


Canadian Flag with Eastern Canadian Brick Chimney

The maple leaf on the flag is a symbol of eastern culture as well … from the other side of North America.

And here…

P1140176Wood Cutter’s Brick Chimney Overgrown With Ivy

In Canada, nationalism is what everyone imagines it to be. To write a book about that would be a revolution. And in your country, what are the hidden stories there? You can write about them or…


… you can lie down amidst the chicory.

As they say in the former East Germany (which lost its national identity)…


Naumburg, 2010 

Just up the road in Schönburg, the new-styled nationalists have their own comment on that …


White Glass Recycling Bin, Schönburg

Note the details…


It Translates to: “Don’t Throw Your White Trash Here”

… or, “Your Local Nationalist Isn’t Recyclable” … or “Your Local Nazi Isn’t Garbage”

Germany has chosen to combat neo-nazism with silence and shunning. Would that work in the particular kind of nationalism in your country? It doesn’t matter what the answer is. You are the writer. Only you can give words to this story.

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