Poetry is Magic

In the folk imagination, the shape and appearance of a thing unified it with other things of the same shape and appearance. Here, for instance, is the zodiac, a cartwheel, a star ….


… and white clover growing at the side of a path. Yes, white! In folk wisdom, picking the stalks of this plant would carry that power. Want to touch the turning of the seasons? Clover’s your girl. Poetry took up this magic. It was called metaphor when poetry was suppressed, like all folk arts have been. The magic is still here, though. Some of it is in this red-root pigweed:


Some of it’s even in these native hawthorns:

P1200806Although here, you can see, the power has come in from the spokes of the wheel and has made a series of small spheres. Is it any wonder these are medicinal fruits?  Are you going to take up the challenge?

P1200787Will you choose to live on the earth, without metaphor?

One thought on “Poetry is Magic

  1. I think I’m going to explore a number of colours and avenues like this. I missed the heart matrix too. So much to be joyful about!

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