Author, Get Thee Outside and Read the News

A thousand years ago, an update on FaceBook looked like this.

The god of the wind passing by. Superstition? Na, this is superstition:


This is just the news, the real news, the one you call your loved ones out to see:

4 thoughts on “Author, Get Thee Outside and Read the News

  1. Those are your Facebook advertisements? Try to change your user language. I changed it two times or more. But I think only changing it to a different language for the first time really helped to confuse them. You must have done something wrong or you are famous. You get very specific adverts. I do not get specific ones. Facebook mostly thinks I’m a woman and wants me to find a man or to lose weight. (Suckers, why do they think I’m lonesome and fat?) When I changed from German to English, they thought I’m a man (Buy a car!). Then they thought I’m probably homosexual and finally I ended up as a woman again (lonesome and fat). When I returned back to German, they were not as confused. But now I get adverts for dirty Germans (Buy soap!), English women (You don’t have a rag to put on!) and lonesome French (There are handsome men in your region!). But then.. I’m not an author, and if I were one, I wouldn’t tell Facebook.

    • Ha ha ha! I ran with a German user language for a year, and did get odd ads. You know, I think I’m going to try that again. I’ll record the results this time! No, this is a google search, done quickly, to show the silliness of Facebook advertising for books. Seductive and rather beside the point.

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