First Thoughts Best Thoughts?

The heat of a volcano is a dramatic thing and earns these eruptions from the earth’s crust their name and fame. This, however, is still the volcano:


It’s a common adage in writing circles to say, “First Thoughts Best Thoughts”.  Sure, but don’t forget that these thoughts continue for a long long time.


Don’t let the adage “First Thoughts Best Thoughts” stop them from reaching their mature form.


What was once a vaporized gas becomes over time something that falls away into its own life, as the glass beads have done in the image below:


They continue their own story, each representing the volcano in its entirety.

P1200547Language is a lot like that. The task of a writer is not to take photographs of the language, but to be a glass bead that someone may someday pick up in their hand, slip into a pocket, and use there as a talisman, until it is as smooth as water. It beats getting out a hammer and trying to bang something out of the subconscious and take it home and own it. Stuff like that breaks.

P1200550All images from Monte Lake, British Columbia



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