Plugged in Books

A short history of colour. Here is the crowning achievement of the colour of the individual consciousness. Best it could do.


Vincent Van Gogh, Tournesols, 1888

And here it is today, after weathering world wars, the Cold War, and post-modernist art practice:

Maille_Dijon_OriginaleAnd where, then, is the cutting edge of colour now? Aha!



Sewage Treatment Plant Outflow Spigot, Vernon, British Columbia

And even moreso, here:



Graveyard Walking Path, Victoria, British Columbia

Well, here’s what books looked like in 1888:

electricTime to plug in.




4 thoughts on “Plugged in Books

  1. All the colonial masters of the pre-Canadian colony are buried there. Why they laid down an asphalt path in the first place, well, that’s why existentialism was invented.

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