Putting a Price to Words

Art isn’t always legal.




Anarchist* Street Art, Bonn, Germany

It isn’t always direct, either.

* Maybe Anarchist. Maybe from the Anti-faschist resistance. Maybe from the extreme left. Hey, maybe even from the autonomous nationalists. Anyone know?

4 thoughts on “Putting a Price to Words

    • One would think so, but I can’t find the image attached to the band anywhere. Pretty violent image. I doubt the red-black theme is an accident. Oder?

      • That was only a wild guess, to add something to the list. I’d think it’s Palestine related. But you could be right about the red and black. It’s obviously not a very good political statement, it’s too random. It could also mean, shoot more pigeons.

      • Ha ha ha! That’s brilliant with the pigeons.

        Yeah, it was right beside the university. Students, you know. Just learning the ropes.

        There were many, many copies of it, most a bit botched.

        Many anti-Nazi ones, far more clear than this, but perhaps related: the man with the moustache, blowing his brains out with a pistol, blood spatter, and the slogan “Follow Your Leader”. Pretty similar to this one, I guess. Perhaps the two are meant to be in conversation.

        Many of those Antifa messages are quite clever.


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