Books are Like This Too

According to the traditions of visual art, this is not art. It is an alley.

P1320685According to those traditions, art is an object designed for aesthetic intelligence. Even close up, it doesn’t look like this:

P1320686Even if it contains a mural, it is not art, because that mural is not part of the intellectual aesthetic tradition. A  gallery curator I have met has assured me that anything is art if brought into a gallery and aestheticized by being framed by that space. What, though, if it is framed by the street? Or by the viewer? Or by the eye of the beholder? Or by the eye of the artist?

P1320687Vernon, British Columbia

Well, according to the traditions of art, it would be art if it were brought into a gallery. The above images would, thus, be art if they were aestheticized by that process as well. They can be art if contemplated at leisure, but not if lived within. Living within the book, would be like this:


Parking Bumper, Bumped

Don’t be a parking bumper.





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