Why We All Need Editors

Suppose you have a really good idea. Like Julian Peters’ idea of illustrating T.S. Eliot’s poem of a century ago, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” Please go to Julian’s site by clicking here.prufrock23


… and then know nothing about the poem you are working with.



The sawdust is fine, but the oyster shells? Why are the ashtrays on the floor? And the streets? It’s London. The streets lead to imperious monuments, like Admiral Nelson or the British Museum or the Tate Gallery. The words are there for a reason. Hopefully an editor can help you catch that before you kill poetry

2 thoughts on “Why We All Need Editors

  1. Well obviously two people offered this guy to editors or how to put it, so he might get one. I’m unsure though, if they would care about the oyster-shells. Might depend on the editor.

    • Good point. The editors need editors. This oyster shell thing is dumb. It makes the poem sound like some kind of random surreal nutcase, when, in fact, it’s a unified social critique. And so history swirls down the drain hole and goes thwupppp.

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