10 Things I Learned About Writing From My Tractor

These are the tractors we used to cultivate tomato fields, back before they were all lined with black plastic.

P1030321Here’s what we learned about writing from tractors like that (and their cousins)…

Lesson 1. Watch Out What You Put in the Tank

P1030332Lesson 2:  Don’t Work Too Hard


Lesson 3: Look After Your Engine Daily


Lesson 4: Paint Helps.


Lesson 5: Things Are Made By Hand


(Trust that.)

Lesson 6: Your Mom Doesn’t Need to Know Everything, Now Does She


Mom’s Canning Jar!

Lesson 7: Don’t Sit Without Looking First


(Believe me. This one is really important.)

Lesson 8: You Are Not an Immortal God. Respect the Medium.


Lesson 9: Believe Your Father’s Tall Tales

P1030809Controls of a Steam Tractor

10. Watch Where You Put Your Feet!

P1040068Now you’re ready to go out and write that book!




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