Blundering Into Story Like a Fool

So, you want to write about horses? All pretty in a field of pretty weeds? I did. I thought I’d take a photograph of this horse next to Father Pandosy’s mission at Ahtanum Creek, that was burned down once by a posse attached to the US Army, the one with the owner with the big sign advertising (largely to the horses and the 132-year-old apple trees of the mission), his choice for Sheriff in the upcoming election, and the other sign warning picnickers that he would shoot them dead if they stepped onto his property. Kind of like the family car parked in an oil field. Nice, I thought. But wouldn’t that horse look better if it was looking up, I thought. All majestic, like, I thought. Yes. (I thought.)


“Hey, horse! You! Yes! Look up! Hey! Horse! Whooo-whooooooo!” (Hey, it works with deer.)


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