Point of View Meets the Buddha

Everything you see here is Buddha, except for Buddha.

buddha love

The first person point of view got the same start. Gottlieb Fichte stood in front of a class of university students in Jena, Germany in 1893, and asked for a volunteer. He got one readily. He then asked the volunteer to stand in a corner of the room and describe what he saw. “A corner,” said the student. Everyone laughed. “That’s right,” said Fichte. “Everything else is you.” That got a lot more laughs. The idea, though, was to set up a measurement device (an individual point of view) that could be a portable test of scientific detachment, upon which a tradition of science could be based. So, with that in mind, from one author to another, I offer you an extension of this technique: buddhalove2 What you see here that is not the Buddha is you. The Buddha, too.

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