Hunting Skills for Writers

Start by walking, repeat until you know the place, then look for something different. It might be very small, like the crab spider below.



You can start now, but don’t reference your writing back to books, not yet. Stay with the spider. Notice difference. See that? The yarrow flower is dead. There is nothing to hunt. Camouflage doesn’t work anymore. It’s late in the year. Still the spider hunts. There’s your story, a moment of linked, contradictory presences, but, please, do yourself a favour; don’t link it to stories of life, death, transience and mortality. Those are romantic tales. They’re things people tell each other in the dark.. Stay with the spider. That’s the story. It takes a lifetime of writing to get there, to write about one spider, this one, right here, on this yarrow, right here, in this light, but you might as well start working towards it now. When else?


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