Writing About Autumn Colours

Perhaps you’re setting out to write about these beautiful autumn days. The hills are dry. The grass is full of light. It looks like gold.P1520715

Don’t forget, that contrast is your friend. Make sure you look down. There are shadows. There is a carpet of new life. It sprang up a week ago in the rain. It is waiting now for the snows, and then the winds of springtime. The grass is rooted in this. Make sure you put that in.


And the wildflowers? They’re grey. Put them in too.



If you want more gold, a theme for your writing perhaps, it’s not hard to find. Just go looking. See?


A stink bug in the sage! Not blending in, no, but that’s part of the story of gold in this day. You need a story. All writing needs a story. Remember to look up. Blue goes well with gold. Put that in. Loo how the hills squeeze golden shrubs out of the dried grass. Amazing. In that goes.



And do remember to watch your feet. Some gold ore perhaps. Yes.



And look, the golden light. The yarrow. See the spider on her? She’s not camouflaged very well anymore either, but she is the same colour as the gold ore.



It’s how you read a piece of environmental writing. Should it be a surprise it’s how you read the earth to write one? No, I don’t think so. I think you knew all this already, but it’s a joy to talk about, isn’t it.


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