A Political Primer for Writers

Writers in North America are so often dismissively called Liberals, as if that meant “socialist”, as if that meant “Stalinist”. Truth is, writers are just writers.To help you see that, here are a couple images. Here is an image of the Capitalist left. It is defined by romantic slogans.




I made that image in Prague in November. Here’s an image of a communist-era fountain, from Prague. I think it would be save to say it’s an image of the Communist Left.



The Graffiti, of course, is an image from the Capitalist Left … perhaps so far left that it’s anarchist. The communists, however, loved intellectual art, and adored fountains. All across Eastern Europe the things are languishing now, because they aren’t romantic. Aww. There is just a teeny lesson here, writers. When writing about history, beware. The contemporary history of Prague looks like this:



It’s story is up to you. If it’s a story you’ve heard before, start again. Somebody tricked you.

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