Randomness and Nature Writing

Visually, the ponderosa pine cones on the left have not collected randomly, despite their chance fall from the trees at the top of this railway cut, just as the berries on the poison ivy in front of them are not random. The inference is that the broken rock on the right, pried out of the cliff above by freezing and thawing and subject to the same draw of gravity, is not randomly placed either, but is laid down in accordance with the physics of its own shape, weight and tendency towards angular fractures.P1660253

Here you can see the same effect with some wild clematis, trilling down the hill over another collection of cones… again, not random.P1660251


Some words should be used with care. To use random for scenes like this is to represent the limited view of a mathematics that has not developed models for these effects. Say that instead. The earth is at stake.

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