Everything is Art (Except Art)

In an environment that is made and remade in accordance with the abilities of a few linear machines, everything humanly made is part of the same design. Accordingly, everything is part of a picture of the revelation of God, which will be made in time, with enough devotion. A thousand years ago, the effort was made through copying the characteristics of the world down in books. Now it is done by remaking them into complex communities of geometric objects, using technology laid down in the height of the age of steam.



Even the Sun is an Artifact 


When I say that art is the one item that is not art in this mix, I mean that it has been superseded by a culture of reassemblage. The core of ‘art’ is to create. In a culture that aligns itself to manufacturing, creation is not possible, only brilliance of recombination. What remains is gesture. As soon as it is apprehended, however, it is frozen, and the gesture must move on or become part of a tableaux, which is itself a gesture and subject to the same unfolding.

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