What Does It Mean When Illusions Are Real?

This is a house up the hill, used two weeks of the year, and worth close to a million dollars. Forget that a million dollars would be enough to do useful social work in the world, and concentrate, if you can, on the beauty of illusions here. Bccause this is only a weekend home (and rarely, at that), everything here is for show. That show, 50 weeks of the year, is the use of this house. That’s pretty powerful stuff. So let me introduce you to the world of illusions, behind its $300 per month landscaped and deer-grazed shrubberies. See them?



That’s right, the all-weather stairway with the thirty-year composite plastic recycled plastic faux wood treads, which, because the house and patio have settled, is balanced by a couple rocks lifted from the shrubberies; the year-round plastic plant on the patio table, and, my favourite, the rain downspout that is only draining the air. Top marks for this effort! This is what steampunk looks like when it hits the moneyed crowd!

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