Nothing Says Home Like a Blue Tarp

In the global art community, it’s often all about wrapping. Take Christo and Jean-Claude’s pink-skirted islands in Miami, for example…



And their wrapped Reichstag in Berlin.

Christo wrapping the Riechstag

People, that’s just not the Canadian way. Here in Canada, we buy our mystery at Canadian Tire…

Canadian Tire Store

… which is a kind of reconstructed Shanghai warehouse posing as a tire shop and erected all over Canada. It is an art work that is as wide as a continent. Even Christo can’t do that. It’s here that Canadians make their weekend excursions: first to The Tire, then to the mountain or the lake. Readiness is all. Look at the size of that turkey!


It even has its own money.


And when Shanghai is fully reconstructed at home, it looks like this:




Very inviting! Doesn’t it make you just want to get under there to see the mystery? Forget the mystery of books and reading. That’s not the Canadian way. That’s a couple newspapers jammed into the gate, that no-one has brought inside. Ah, but there are greater mysteries. Look…


That’s a bed frame, that is, holding the whole installation together, and some firewood, to keep it from flapping in the wind, like one of those old-fashioned symbols of nationalism, a flag.



The real flag is where the people are. Here, for instance, is Canadian Tire, the Morning After. This is not an atypical Canadian front yard.



Blue flag still flying proud. So, the next time you reach for a  Christo…

tree wrap


… or standard issue nationalism (note the stairway to heaven) …



… remember your art…

Blue Tarp


..and you’ll be fine.

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