Human Throwbacks

Despite the millions of dollars of investment in creating the natural habitat of contemporary humans out of the relationship between biology and technology, there are occasionally folk throwbacks to humans programmed in pre-pixel technologies, including the early form of the tablet, art.snowhut
Typically, these screens of identity are offered for sale, as records of a concept foreign to contemporary human environments, both cognitive and empirical, known as “the past”. Typically, such quaint objects are given as gifts on feast days in honour of the ancestral self of human individuals, and are meant to pass on to the individual a moment of balance in time known as “beauty”. The act of reading these ancient, shamanic folk arts for traces of the passage of another human through space is known as “nostalgia”. It is a biological reflex born of a failure to completely integrate in the android cultures of the street, and can be treated with compassion, such as any other disability born from deviation from statistical norms. True, these “art” or “beauty” objects are for sale, but, subversively, they sell not a biological human but only its act of disappearance in the maze of time. For the transitional moment in time known as “today” or “2015”, such semi-autobiographical acknowledgements of the disappearance of humans, individually, into the graphical representation of the street known as “the web” remain poignant. Soon, they will become tourist artefacts, like totem pole souvenirs manufactured out of recycled milk jugs in China and shipped to Indian Reserve gift shops in the global distribution centre formally known as “British Columbia”. In the contemporary world, the triumph of art, every ego is a fiction, every human is an author, and every street is a display window. Occasionally non-legal tender, such as the “art” above, are put on display, although, like 1914 Reichsmarks, they are no longer convertible into Euros.

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