Bison are Graffiti

In the age past the age of the book, some memories take on a life of their own, as sown in the image below, of mechanical replacement bison (instead of chasing bison all over the plains, you get to sit inside one and chase all over the plains, very fun) meeting their ancestral prototype (and vice versa). In the transitional phase to this post-textual world, humans often write messages of identity on the walls of their new buffalo pastures (streets) to reclaim them for their own use.pedestrian2

In North American culture, pretty soon all books will be getting up and walking like this. Note how one reader has even put his book on wheels and is driving it around asa buffalo, and check out the brave woman who has stepped, unprotected, out of her mechanical bison. She is the true artist, naked in the light of her craft. That bison? It is the new book, or, rather, the book after the book..

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