Don’t Give the Blank Blank Blanks a Chance…Stand on Your Head!

Really, the great thing about not painting over graffiti is that it builds up over time into its true meaning. Here we are in Bautzen, Germany, home of the Blue Hell, the old political prison of the old East German state. It is also famous for mustard, as the band of colour to the left can perhaps tell. Really. Several people have all had their chance at this one.


The original message is gone, but I suspect it was either a pro neo-Nazi slogan or something quite rude. I think the progression was like this:

1. Give the Nazis….[erased]

2. Don’t give the Nazis a chance.

3. Don’t give the Left ( i.e. communists ) a chance.

4. DON’T GIVE THE FASCISTS A CHANCE! (i.e. the whole lot of them)

The last one with an upside down anarchist symbol.

Which someone has turned into an exclamation mark. Note that much of this handwriting appears quite feminine.

All in all, it is a true depiction of zero: it has all cancelled out and Germany continues to exist. With a fine balancing of colour and form in space. Thank God for the German education system. Here’s some fine Canadian balance in space:


Notice that the Canadians have no words, suck at naturalistic drawing, but they are very good with colour and light. Now for some official art. This is “Still Point” by Margaretha Bootsma. It’s gorgeous.


It’s also graffiti, in an aggressive place somewhere between the German and Canadian (Vernon) examples above.  You can see all the deets at the Bau-Xi Gallery in Vancouver, here.


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