The Holy Grail

To get out of the street, you need a knob. It is shiny so you can find it. Notice all the hardware, to prevent mechanical cheating on this rule, usually involving bodily force (definitely against the rules), the circular gestures to prevent secondary comments on this rule (intellectual tampering, highly censored), and the bizarre collection of messages upon messages posted in a continuous dialogue with the people of the street. This is the back door of a pawn shop, the front line between the inside and the outside of society. Graffiti is used by both sides. Whoever owns the rights to graffiti owns this portal.


The dummy wall inside is like icing on a cupcake. Make no mistake, though: none of this detracts anyone from the Holy Grail. This isn’t an attack on the state. If it were, that gas line would not go undamaged. It is an attack on property — and not to destroy it either. The goal is to enter it, period, through the back door. If you enter through the front door, you are not in control of the game. That’s right, this might look like a door, but it is really an engine that generates control.

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