Public Space, Private Space, and the Roots of Steam Punk

Here’s a street view from my neighbourhood. As you can see, the public space of a contemporary Canadian city is a series of narrow pathways (streets and sidewalks) passing through what is called private space, which blocks public view.  The next generation of steam punkers soak this up like mothers’ milk. See that olive green identity and security structure (called in this culture a house)? What’s that in front of the door, eh?


Here, have a closer look:


In this culture, children’s public-private, or private-public play space can be purchased from a local petrochemical supply store and set outside for the children to practice independence and bondage at the same time, because those are the rules and without learning how to negotiate those terms they’re just going to be out in the snow. It takes great effort to teach children this stuff. It’s nothing they’d learn all on their own.

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