All the World Really IS a Stage

Consciousness is memory, but what happens when colour circumvents consciousness and memory and goes right to the preconscious processing centres of the brain?cropped-path.jpg

Isn’t it that colour becomes consciousness, so to speak?


Artists once knew this, but they were replaced when this principle becomes the main method of organizing a society and controlling its people. What comes next, though, is beautiful:


This is an alley, in Kelowna, Canada. For humans caught in a pre-conscious world without memory or thought, this public space is a space in which memory and thought (and hence consciousness) can be created. It’s not surprising. Those are human attributes, after all, despite the attempts of industrial processes to turn them into agents of control. In the image above, they have been transformed into a stage set. It speaks narrative, and that’s the human signature. And theatre? Theatre is, of course, memory: a ritual, no longer individual. That makes sense for an industrial culture, in which material is made by machine, not by human. To introduce you to this theatre that is the street, here are a few images.


Notice how they are devoid of humans, yet are built in human shape, and out of human narrative. In short, you know you are human when you can’t see the object is there, but clearly see the human narrative written all over it.P1730530

These are the remains of humans, what humans have left behind. The word for that? Memory. Physical memory. It is not exactly the same thing as consciousness. It is an imitation of it, however. And imitation? Well, that is art.P1730662

It follows, that if every scene on every street is a stage set, the contents of the set allow for certain narratives.

P1730165 And preclude others.


It is the duty of all free people to resist having their consciousness replaced with the ghosts of manufactured articles, and the even more tenuous ghosts of the actions of previous users, which have become attached to them. Just because it’s art, or memory, doesn’t mean it is innocent.


That world of ghosts is the way words work in contemporary Western culture. It is not the way poetry worked in the past, and it is not the way words work in indigenous cultures. It is not the way of bodies or bodily consciousness or earth consciousness or organic form. Rather, it is a form of unconsciousness, layering, and repurposing, which is called creativity. It is a form of social engineering, enacted through a reverse engineering process: if you can’t control humans directly, you can control them through their ghosts. It can be quite dangerous, such as the window work below, in Prague. That’s not a lot of very good safety protection that man has on!


Narrative is everywhere, though, that’s a given in such manufactured worlds, among such manufactured memories. As the Bard said, All the World’s A Stage. He meant it was a trap to catch a king. Here’s Shakespeare’s monument in Manchester, England to prove it. The poor bard is behind chicken wire!


As every Shakespearean actor knows, that bottom door leads to Hell.

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