Living in the Art Work

In Steam Punk, the aesthetic qualities of objects are more important than their history, and if their history or context comes into play, it is its aesthetic qualities that play the only role. This is why photography and cinema are the leading art forms of the technological age. They express its projections, on a world it has made into surfaces. Series of images can often reveal this tendency better than individual ones. Here are three examples from cowboy country.

P1320687 P1300868 P1280787

Little different than this, in Neo-Nazi country:


Little different than this, in Green Energy country:


The soul that is brought to the world in an environment of manufactured or capitalized objects picks them up instead of the earth and models itself after them.

P1150089 P1110733


Those aren’t images of human bodies, but human bodies themselves. The biological bodies are the images now.


When everyone lives in the artwork, what then?

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