Humans as Negative Space

The Steam Punk City is a place of recombined, mass-manufactured items. The recombination is called creativity. It is not, however, human creativity, but the creativity of things, which invite a human response because they exist in space also claimed by humans.
P1950964 There’s really no telling what the human response will be, except that in all cases it will be a series of variations of humans reclaiming non-human space as their own bodies, or, if you like, reclaiming the space of the mind with the space of their presence.P2000394A special case is the shop window, which exists to recreate this space in independent relation with every other passing moment, which is exactly the space that humans themselves inhabit in the Steam Punk City. To put it another way: in the haut-capitalist steam punk city, the city must entice humans by putting forward intricate displays of their deepest desires, or at least the intersections of those desires and what the creativity of the city can cobble together out of its manufactured forms.
P1990655 Proponents of artificial intelligence or the migration of humans into artificially intelligent machines are sweet folks, but, really, it’s such old news.P1820554 The city has other plans for them.P1980643 grid

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