The Long Life of Old Wars and Nazi Children Songs in Art

In the 1950s, catholic German kids sang this song on the way home from school:

„Evangelische Ratten,
in der Pfanne gebraten,
mit Schnittlauch garniert
dem Teufel serviert.“

(Evangelical rats, fried in the pan, sprinkled with chives, are served to the devil.)

Not to be outdone, the evangelical kids chanted back:

„Katholische Mäuse,
die haben Läuse,
man muss sie vernichten,
zu Müllhaufen schichten.“

(Catholic mice have lice; you have to stamp them out and bury them in the garbage dump.)

Then the fists came out and backpacks, hats or shoes were taken as a trophy.  Today, on the German streets, these battles and provocations are still fought, except now they have a decided anti-Islamic feel. To walk the East German streets is to walk through a war, lying latent in art. I think it’s safe to assume that the same energy shows up there. Here’s a quick glimpse into the google mind.  The provocation and latent violence is certainly here as well; what has been added is intensified manipulation of the act of viewing and display.

Search for “Künst 2016”


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